9 April 1917

Back at Abu Markha, Lawrence found himself disappointed by
Abdullah’s lazy and self-indulgent nature. So when a letter arrived from Feisal, recalling him to Wejh, he made preparations to leave.

“… there were now two parties on the railway, with reliefs enough to do a demolition of some sort every day or so. Much less interference than this would suffice to wreck the working of trains, and by making the maintenance of the Turkish garrison at Medina just a shade less difficult than its evacuation would serve the interests of British and Arab alike. So I judged my work in Wadi Ais sufficiently done, and well done.

“I longed to get north again quit of this relaxing camp.”

He left for Wejh the next day.

Events of 9 April 1917 as recounted by T. E. Lawrence in Seven
Pillars of Wisdom