Journal Volumes I-IV

Below is a summary of the contents of Volumes I to IV of the Journal, which were those published between Spring 1991 and Spring 1995.

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Vol. I, No. 1, Spring 1991

Jeremy Wilson: A. W. Lawrence, 1900-1991

A brief tribute to A. W. Lawrence, who died on Easter Sunday 1990, discussing his role as T.E. Lawrence’s literary executor.


Nicholas Lynch: Eleven Hundred Miles on the Lawrence Trail

Account of a bicycle tour in France in 1990 that retraced the first part of the route taken by Lawrence in August 1908.


Rupert Chapman: Lawrence as Archaeologist

Considering Lawrence’s developing career as an archaeologist
before the First World War.


A. J. Flavell: T. E. Lawrence and the Bodleian

Discussing Lawrence’s roles as a Bodleian reader and benefactor.


D. G Hogarth: Mecca’s Revolt against the Turk

D. G. Hogarth contributed significantly to British policy in the Middle East during and after the First World War, yet left no memoirs. Articles such as this 1920 contribution to the American Century magazine therefore have permanent interest.


Interview with Colonel Lawrence, from The Globe, December 12 1918

Lawrence’s interview with The Globe has historical interest as the first known press interview he gave after the war.


Jeremy Wilson: An Appeal from Damascus: The Mohammed Abdulla Bassam Affair

An unrecorded episode documented from files in the Public Record Office. Includes two hitherto unpublished Lawrence letters.


W. E. G Beauforte-Greenwood: Notes on the Introduction to the RAF of High-Speed Craft

Flight-Lieutenant W. E. G. Beauforte-Greenwood was responsible for introducing high-speed motor-boats to the RAF, and for Lawrence’s work in that field.


Sir Ronald Storrs: Review of Oriental Assembly

Book review, originally published in 1939.


Malcolm Brown: An Introduction to the BBC 1962 Documentary ‘T. E. Lawrence: 1888-1935’

A brief history of the making of this important documentary.


Jeremy Wilson: Documentary Proof or Wishful Thinking: Lawrence James on the Deraa Episode

A scholarly rebuttal of the sensational claim by Lawrence James, in The Golden Warrior, to have discovered a document that proved that Lawrence could not have been at Deraa on November 21 1917.

Vol. I, No. 2, Winter 1991-2

Hugh Leach: Off and on the Tracks to Atwi

When the T. E. Lawrence Society organised a visit to Jordan in 1989, members were perplexed to learn that Atwi, a station on the Hejaz railway mentioned in Seven Pillars, could not be located. Could Lawrence have invented the station and the military action that he claimed had taken place there?  We print Hugh Leach’s explanation.


T. E. Lawrence: Six Book Reviews

Lawrence’s five book reviews from The Spectator, along with an earlier review written by Lawrence for The Observer.


Nicholas Birnie: T. E. Lawrence and Frederic Manning

Nicholas Birnie’s paper sheds much light on one of Lawrence’s lesser-known literary friendships.


Mike Leatherdale: Lawrence and his Brough Superiors

Mike Leatherdale’s article, originally published by the Brough
Superior Club, is reprinted with some amendments and additional material.

Vol. II, No. 1, Summer 1992

Earl Winterton: Arabian Nights and Days: Part I

Lord Winterton was one of the British officers who joined the Arab forces for the final advance on Damascus, and his1920 memoir is valuable testimony. For the concluding part, see Vol. II, No. 2.


T. E. Lawrence: Ramping

Lawrence’s article Ramping is included in its original form, rather than the version he later edited for The Mint.


T. E. Lawrence and Rupert de la Bère

Little has been written about Lawrence’s friendship with Rupert de la Bère, editor of the Journal of the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell. This brief memoir draws on material provided by the librarian at Cranwell.


Adrian Rance: T. E. Shaw and the British Power Boat Company

Adrian Rance’s paper on Lawrence’s association with the British Power Boat Company, presented at the Society’s 1990 Symposium, is printed here in a slightly revised form.


Richard Knowles: Tale of an ‘Arabian Knight’: The T. E. Lawrence Effigy

Richard Knowles’ article records Eric Kennington’s work on the memorial effigy of Lawrence in St. Martin’s Church, Wareham.

Vol. II, No. 2, Winter 1992-3

Nicholas Lynch: More Travels on the Lawrence Trail

A journey quite literally in Lawrence’s footsteps looking at Crusader castles in Syria.


Earl Winterton: Arabian Nights and Days: Part II

The concluding part of Earl Winterton’s Arabian Nights and Days [see Vol. II, No.1] takes readers to the capture of Deraa.


Keith Harden: The Mint – Illustrated

Wing Commander Keith Harden’s superbly illustrated talk about Uxbridge in 1922 was one of the high points of the Society’s 1992 Symposium.


Jeremy Wilson: Amendments to the Authorised Biography

Research on Lawrence’s life seems likely to continue for many years, and one of the virtues of this Journal is that it can be used to publicise amendments to the Authorised Biography.


Jeremy Wilson: T. E. Lawrence Materials at Oxford

The first of a series of accounts of the major Lawrence collections.

Vol. III, No. 1, Summer 1993

T. E. Lawrence, Seven Essays

Lawrence’s early essays made readily available in one place for the first time.


Summary of the Hejaz Revolt, War Office, London

The War Office’s Summary of the Hejaz Revolt provides a contemporary record of Arab achievement based on Arab sources and information gathered by British Intelligence.


Jeremy Wilson: T. E. Lawrence at Clouds Hill

Drawn from his correspondence, this article offers an insight into Lawrence’s attitude towards his cottage, Clouds Hill.


Richard Yeomans: T. E. Lawrence and the Visual Arts

This contribution by Richard Yeomans draws attention to an aspect of Lawrence’s interests which many people overlook.


Philip M. O’Brien: Notes on the American Issues of Revolt in the Desert

The first in a series of bibliographical notes by Philip O’Brien. It should help collectors distinguish between different editions of
Revolt in the Desert that are frequently confused.


Jeremy Wilson: Notes on Editing the Oxford Seven Pillars

Editorial work on the Oxford Seven Pillars is steadily progressing, and much of Lawrence’s text has now been typeset.

Vol. III , No. 2, Spring 1994

T. E. Lawrence: Sherif Feisal

Lawrence’s notes on Sherif Feisal written early in 1919 form a preface to the two important essays by D.G. Hogarth that follow.


D. G. Hogarth: Great Britain and the Arabs up to the Armistice of 30
October 1918

An essay drawn from the six-volume History of the Peace Conference of Paris which was assembled in the 1920s under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


D. G. Hogarth: Two views of T. E. Lawrence

Hogarth’s anonymous profile of Lawrence, written for William Rothenstein’s Twenty-four Portraits, is reprinted together with the longer biographical sketch that he later wrote for the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica published in 1926.


Raymond Savage: Lawrence of Arabia in a New Disguise

Raymond Savage’s essay, published in America in 1926, shows what a thoroughly commercial writer felt were the ‘selling points’ of the Lawrence Legend in the mid-twenties.


Jeremy Wilson: T. E. Lawrence and the Translating of the Odyssey

The original version of Jeremy Wilson’s history of Lawrence’s Odyssey translation is printed here for the first time.


Jeremy Wilson: Life-story of a Book: T. E. Lawrence’s Odyssey

Bibliographical notes about editions of Lawrence’s Odyssey translation.


Motor-boats for the RAF from The Times, March 31 1932

Voyage of an RAF Motor-boat, from The Times, April 16 1932

These two articles about the British Power Boat Company were published in The Times in 1932. The content clearly owes more than a little to Lawrence’s hand.

Vol. IV, No. 1, Autumn 1994

Jeremy Wilson: Ave atque Vale

A valedictory commentary on the history of the Journal of the T. E. Lawrence Society and its predecessor T.E. Lawrence Studies.


Clifford Irwin: A Comprehensive Listing and Index of T. E. Lawrence’s Letters

Cliff Irwin’s project to list all Lawrence’s extant letters is one of the most important pieces of biographical research currently in progress.


D. G. Hogarth: Great Britain, France and Syria following the Armistice of Mudros, 30 October 1918

D. G. Hogarth’s narrative of Arab fortunes at the Peace Conference and after is drawn from the six-volume History of the Peace Conference of Paris, which was assembled in the 1920s under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and provides an excellent starting point for anyone interested in Lawrence’s post-war political career.


H. St. J. B. Armitage: Lawrence – The Deceit of his Detractors

St. John Armitage provides an example of the kind of deception about Lawrence’s activities that rarely attracts public rebuttal.


Jeremy Wilson: Some Thoughts on Lawrence and Lowell Thomas

Jeremy Wilson spoke briefly about Lawrence and Lowell Thomas at the Society’s 1994 Symposium. Some of his remarks are reproduced at the end of this issue.

Vol. IV, No. 2, Spring 1995

Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Memorial to Lawrence of Arabia from the Oxford High School Magazine, December 1936

This description of the ceremony enacted at Lawrence’s old school, seventeen months after his death, gives an indication of the feelings engendered at the time.


Nicholas Lynch: A Short Walk in South-Eastern Anatolia following T. E. Lawrence’s 1911 Walk

Nick Lynch, who has previously contributed accounts of his tours in France and Syria following the journeys undertaken by Lawrence, describes here a third journey that he made over the route Lawrence covered in 1911.


Brian Holden Reid: The Experience of the Arab Revolt as Interpreted in T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Brian Holden Reid sets out the view that many biographers have concentrated on minor faults in Seven Pillars of Wisdom, thereby paying insufficient attention to its true value as a remarkable war memoir.


Harold Orlans: The Friendship of Lawrence and Graves

When seeking an entrée into literary circles after the war, Lawrence found in Robert Graves a useful intermediary for meeting established writers. Harold Orlans gives an interesting survey of their relationship as it developed over the years.


Ernest Thurtle: A Secular Saint: Notes on Lawrence of Arabia

Peter Metcalfe provides an introduction to an article that Ernest Thurtle wrote on Lawrence in 1938.


Philip M. O’Brien: The Edwards H. Metcalf Collection

Philip O’Brien describes Edwards H. Metcalf’s remarkable collection at the Henry E. Huntington Library in California.


The Constitution of the T. E. Lawrence Society, as amended at the AGM held on September 18 1994, was also included in this issue.

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