The most important activity of the Society is to promote and publish research into the life and works of T. E. Lawrence. By the terms of its Constitution, the Society exists:

‘to advance the education of the public in the life and
works of T. E. Lawrence and to promote research (and to
publish the useful results thereof) into his life and works’.

Each year we produce three Newsletters and two 80 – 100 page Journals which over the past 30 years have grown to become an important resource for anyone interested in this extraordinary and complex man.

Newsletter 107The Newsletter is usually published each March, June and October. As well as reporting on current events and Society activities, it provides a platform for members to share their interests and perspectives on Lawrence.

Contributions – long and short, academic and informal – take the form of personal research, memoirs, accounts of travels in Lawrence’s footsteps and photographs with a Lawrence connection.

Members can choose to receive printed copies of the Newsletter or a pdf version.

Copies going back to the very first edition in 1985 can
be downloaded from the Members’ Area of the website and provide fascinating reading. It is hoped in time that we can complete digitising this collection for members to enjoy. A sample copy of the Newsletter can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

JournalThe Journal was set up in 1991 as a serious research publication. Each issue runs to around 80 -100 pages.

The cumulative total is now well over 6,000 pages, the
content forming one of the prime resources for anyone
seriously interested in Lawrence, and his times.

All contributions are reviewed by an editorial committee. Editorial policy is to publish articles relating to all aspects of Lawrence’s life, including some based on papers presented at the Society’s meetings, as well as material from obscure published or unpublished sources. In view of the aims of the Society set out in its Constitution, the Journal does not include highly speculative biographical articles.

Summaries of articles published in previous Journals can be viewed on the appended pages. Or click HERE to download more detailed descriptions of the articles and writers in pdf format.

Additionally, the contents of Journals Vol. I, No. 1 to Vol. XXIV, No. 2. arranged by subject matter can be downloaded in the form of a ROUGH GUIDE compiled by former Society chairman Nick Lynch.

Some early editions and rarities have become collectors’ items for Lawrence enthusiasts and are regularly traded on eBay. Some editions are now quite rare and limited in numbers, but we do still have a complete stock of back – issues available for purchase by members and non-members.

We welcome contributions to the Newsletter and Journal. Please get in touch if you would like to submit an idea for consideration.

The international Society for everyone with an interest in the life of T. E. Lawrence