2018 Symposium


15th Symposium of the
T. E. Lawrence Society

Held at St John’s College, Oxford
Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September 2018

Commemorated the end of the Arab Revolt
with the taking of Damascus in 1918

Our last Symposium was enjoyed by a record number of delegates, who once again enjoyed the beautiful facilitates and surroundings of St Johns College, Oxford


We linked up with Magdalen College, who presented a unique exhibition of the expanding archives on Lawrence.

We also had a whole afternoon devoted to Gertrude Bell and her friendship with Lawrence, together with her influence on the Middle East. The directors of the film Letters from Baghdad will presented and answered questions about the making of this fascinating documentary. The Gertrude  Bell archive director from Newcastle University also talked about the massive archive in Newcastle.

We also experienced many other fascinating talks, including Lawrence’s forgotten colleagues from the war, his military medals, portraits of Lawrence, The Hejaz and armoured cars, lesser know aspects of his war, and what Germany and Austria thought about Lawrence.



The programme for the 2018 Symposium can be viewed HERE.

A summary of programmes from each of the past Symposia can be viewed HERE.

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Photo of Jesus College, Oxford  © Bencherlite via Wikimedia Commons

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