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Journal of the T. E. Lawrence Society 
ISSN 0963-1747


  • Vol. I, No. 1 to Vol. IV No 1: Jeremy Wilson

  • Vol. IV, No. 2 to Vol. XIV, No. 1: Philip Kerrigan

  • Vol. XIV, No. 2 to Vol. XV, No. 2: Susan Purver

  • Vol. XVI No.1 onwards Susan Williams

The Journal was set up as a serious research publication in 1991. Editorial policy is to publish articles relating to Lawrence's life, including some based on papers given at the society's meetings, and to print material from obscure published or unpublished sources. In view of the aims of the society set out in its constitution, the Journal does not include highly speculative biographical articles. Contributions are reviewed by an editorial committee.

Each issue of the Journal runs to around 80 pages. The cumulative total is now well over 2,000 pages, the content forming one of the prime resources for anyone seriously interested in Lawrence. The print-run has always been well under 1,000 copies. A small number of complete runs are currently available, as are some back-issues. You can buy these from our online shop, whether or not you are a member.

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You can buy issues of the Journal from the online shop.  It is not necessary to be a member of the T. E. Lawrence Society.